I have bought a van which I am converting into a camper in which I and my dogs will live. My goal is to make videos of our journey as well as other creative videos, produce my podcast, develop my photography and videography skills, and find places across the country that are pet-friendly. I know this is a huge endeavor, but I have found myself, like many others, without many options.

This project I am calling "Have Bone Will Travel", and I am going to go (once it's safer to travel) to places and see things that this beautiful country has to offer that are PET-FRIENDLY.  I know that a lot of us hate to leave our babies behind when we leave town, so how great would it be if we could find places to go and that we can take Fido along with us!  When I have taken my dogs on trips, they have had as much fun as I have.  

Check out my Van Build!