About Me

My background is in standup comedy, but I have performed sketch comedy as well.  I have worked as an opener and feature, but have also done some headlining shows. 

I produced a comedy/variety show called “Girl On Girl Comedy” that featured female or gay comedians, burlesque acts, sketches, and pole dancers.  That show ran for 6 years (1 year at a restaurant's venue space and the remaining 5 years at Zanies Comedy Club. 

I created a sketch group called TV Dinner Theatre and was co-founder of the Short Bus Riders.  We did shows in coffee houses, music venues, etc.  I have some characters that I have been working on:  Natasha, who is a Russian mail-order bride; Auntie Social, that know-it-all aunt that has advice whether you asked for it or not. 

I have 2 podcasts.  The first is “Laugh or Cry Podcast” deals with movies, music, TV, and current events related to pop culture.  It’s whatever I’m thinking about at the moment.  The second is “Laugh or Die! Podcast”, a true crime podcast that covers everything from serial killers and unsolved mysteries to tales of the supernatural.

I have published 3 books and am working on a fourth.  The working title is “Mother’s Little Helper”.  A single mother loses her daughter in a violent shooting/robbery.  She is alone now with nothing to lose.  The justice system has failed her, so she takes the matter into her own hands while teetering on madness. 

I started a sightseeing tour business in Nashville where I acted as tour guide, which gave me the opportunity to perform to tourists every week and be home every night. 

I can't do anything else but perform and write, and I wouldn't want to do anything else!  I have wanted to make people laugh ever since I was 5 years old, after I saw reruns of SNL.  That was my dream.  My daughter is grown, so my life is my own now. 

I also love music, movies, comedy, wrestling, horror, murder shows, dogs, ukuleles, and magic.  I have a Yorkie named Elton, after Elton John of course.  I love to name my dogs after famous musicians.  I’ve had a Joplin, Roscoe, Ziggy, and Freddie.  I believe that dogs are better than people.